Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast

Host Bernardo Cubria talks to playwright Fernanda Coppel and finds out how a girl from Sinaloa who grew up playing basketball and falling off of yachts ended up writing plays. From her slam-poetry days in college, to her decision to come out to her family, Fernanda shares her amazing journey. Check out her play Chimicangas and Zoloft at The Atlantic Theatre Company.

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to actor Varin Ayala about what it was like to be in the now infamous production of MotherFucker With The Hat in Hartford, Connecticut. From seeing the reaction on facebook, to the article in the New York Times, and having Stephen Adly Guirgis come to the production, Varin had quite an interesting couple of weeks. Plus we hear about Varin's early days as a Chemical Engineer and how he ended up pursuing his dream.

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to Artistic Director Melody Brooks about how her company New Perspectives Theatre is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Plus we hear how Melody used to only pay 70 dollars a month in rent and how your actors could be mugged when Times Square was still Times Square. For more info visit her website

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks with comedian/actor Andrew Goffman about how finding your father's secret porn collection can change your life. From having newfound desires for the cleaning lady, to being unable to connect with your classmates, Andrew shares his journey as an accidental pervert. Plus we hear about Andrew's stand-up days and how he ended up doing his hilarious one man show "The Accidental Pervert" for the past three years. visit for more info

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to the playwright/translator Caridad Svich. From falling in love with theatre in a library to funding the amazing NoPassport, Caridad is a woman on a mission to bring us all closer together. Plus we get to hear the pros and cons of being prolific and thoughts on how learning about the business side of theatre can change your path. Check out her website

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to the mega talented Composer-Lyricist and Music Director Steven Jamail. How does a kid in Texas go from playing the Marimba in high school to having a concert at Lincoln Center? Download and find out! Plus Steven and Bernardo compare the musical theatre world to the staright theatre world and talk about the inspiring work Steven does at Rosie O'Donnell's charity. Check out his music at

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to former theatre dude and now musician Arian Saleh about how the grandson of the First Lady of Opera from Iran ended up being a successful musician in Los Angeles.  Plus they discuss Arian's high school theatre days, he played Chino in West Side Story Yo!, to his being stuck in a 9 to 5 and deciding its time to follow his dream. That song you hear is his new single Underhill, Cop Dat at

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to Tanya Saracho about how oversharing on facebook can get your apartment broken into and why wanting to get rid of your accent can lead to a career in the theatre. They also discuss why Spanish isn't considered a hip language nowadays and compare and contrast the Chicago scene versus the New Yok scene. From never being told no as a child to always fighting for theatre to progress; Tanya is one chida chica del teatro.

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to his buddy from theatre school Guru Singh and finds out how a 6'5 Sikh from Houston, Texas went from studying biology to acting in the sitcom Outsourced on NBC. Plus they regale you with stories from their Houston Hipster days and why Guru fears there will never be an all Indian sitcom ever again. 


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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to Carlo Alban about how an undocumented immigrant ended up on Sesame Street at the age of 12. Plus the guys discuss how sending an autographed picture of your face can help you get an American passport and how having your father color in a picture for you will help you star in a parade. From his one man show Intringulis to his stint on Prison Break, Carlo shares his very unique life story.

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