Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast (general)

Actor and Playwright Raul Castillo stops by the podcast to talk about balancing writing and acting, how he considered following his plan B, the success of the show Looking on HBO, why he thinks fear is a good thing. Plus Bixby Elliot and Jonthan Mandell stop by the intro.

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Actor/Writer Jake Cannavale stops by the podcast to talk about his Broadway debut, how he learned that following in his family's footsteps was cool, his role on Nurse Jackie, and why he thinks 20 year olds should live like adults. Follow his film company @blacktonguefilm

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Actor Alfredo Narciso comes on the podcast to talk about his 17 year career on the New York Stage. From his early days as a Bat at The Flea, to his first agent, we talk about manuevering through the unpredictable path of an actor. Plus we talk getting fired, what we wish we knew, and how much are we actually willing to give up for this career. Follow Alfredo on Twitter @alfredonarciso2

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Actor Russell G. Jones stops by the podcast to talk about how sobreity helped him become a better actor, what "whiteness" means, about his amazing career in the theatre and working with Louie C.K. Check out his project The Blind Spot,, and his actor website,

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Actress Zabryna Guevara stops by the pod to talk about how meditation helped her career, balancing family and work, why not to get frustarted when your career changes, and how she landed a role on the hit show Gotham. Follow her on twitter @ZabrynaGuevara. Plus Jonathan Mandell stops by the pod to give us a July theater preview

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Playwright Hilary Bettis stops by the podcast to talk about having three plays on the Kilroys List, her nomadic childhood, what happens when you steal a truck, and who is allowed to write what. Go to her website and follow her on Twitter @HilaryBettis

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Playwright, Director, Activist Tlaloc Rivas stops by the podcast to talk about diversity in the theatre, cultural appropriation, his work at The Latino Theatre Commons, Cafe Onda, and HowlRound and much more. Follow all of his work at

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Playwright Samuel D. Hunter stops by the podcast to talk about finding your voice, not worrying about what others think of your work, the reactions you can't control and much much more! Follow him on twitter @SamuelDHunter

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Producers/Actors Crystal Arnette and Cleo Gray stop by the podcast to talk about Serials at The Flea. We talk about how much the landscape has actually improved for women in theatre, why they think being a Bat at the Flea is worthwhile, and much more! Go see Serials at The Flea by visiting And friend of the pod Shaun Leisher stops by the intro to plug his new blog about women in theater.

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Playwright Marisela Treviño Orta stop by the podcast to talk about her recent success, finding playwrighting later in life, why she is going to grad school as her plays get done all over the country and why she continues on in this profession. Follow her on twitter at @MariselaTOrta. Plus Jonathan Mandell stops by to talk theatre awards. 

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