Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast (general)

Playwright Topher Payne stops by the podcast to talk about his new play Perfect Arrangement at Primary Stages. We talk New York vs Atlanta, growing up in Mississippi, reaching new audiences in the regional world, why working backstage helped his career, and having his play make it to New York the old fashioned way.    

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Actress Flor De Liz Perez stops by the podcast to talk about working in London, being religious in the theatre world, keeping it fresh night after night, and starting out in New York. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @flordeliz_perez Plus Jonathan Mandell from stops by to give us his October preview. 

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Producer Stephanie Ybarra comes on the podcast to talk about how you can tell if a play has been produced well, being told she "stood out" too much as an actor, why she choses projects based on people, and about her work with The Mobile Shakespeare Unit at The Public Theater. Follow her on Twitter @saybarra

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Actress/Playwright Halley Feiffer comes on the podcast to talk about how to differentiate between a problem in the script and a problem in the production, the challenges of choosing directors, growing up in a home of artists, how being released by your agent can be the best thing to happen to your career and more! Follow her on Twitter @HalleyFeiffer

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First ever guest of the pod, playwright Mando Alvarado, comes back on the podcast after 3 and a half years. He talks about having a child, moving to Los Angeles, and writing for TV. He and Bernardo talk about selfish choices, getting thinner skin the longer your career goes on, and what gives them pure joy. This is obviously Bernardo writing this and I want to thank each and every single one of you for listening. Here's to 100 more. 

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Director Stephen Brackett comes on the podcast to talk about how directors find their next project, how to "network" with artists whose work you love, what happens when a show becomes a hit, the journey of Buyer and Cellar and much more. See Stephen's latest show Sommerfugl buy your ticktes at Plus Jonathan Mandell stops by the into again to preview the Fall Season and discuss his article "In Praise of Cell Phone Users"

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Playwright Zakiyyah Alexander comes by the podcast to talk about how her Twitter rant about the MTC season announcement ended up in The New York Times. We also talk gender parity, the dangers of "the slot" in the theatre, The Killroys, writing for Grey's Anatomy and more! Follow her on Twitter @model_minority

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Playwright/Actor/Producer Mariah MacCarthy stops by the podcast to talk about the challenges of juggling her many theatre hats. We talk about why producing is about trusting others, why she still has to keep a 40 hour a week day job, and why she identifies mostly with being a playwright. Go see her new play Magic Trick. Buy tickets at

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Artistic Director John Dias of Two River Theater stops by the podcast to talk about all the things that keep an Artistic Director up at night. We talk keeping your audience happy, satisfying your artistic goals, how to reach the audiences that don't believe they belong in a theatre, dramaturgy and much more. Follow Two River Theatre on Twitter @TwoRiverTheater

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Actress Laura Gómez stops by to talk about when she realized Orange is The New Black was a hit, the power of social media, why she felt the need to go to film school, taking initiative in your career and about working with David Simon on Show Me A Hero. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter lg_lauragomez

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