Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast (general)

Actress/Singer Karla Mosley (Bold & The Beautiful) and actor/producer Arjun Gupta (The Magicians) stop by the podcast to talk about starting a theatre company in Los Angeles, the difference between acting on screen and on stage, their days in New York, why they moved to Los Angeles and much more! Go to their website and check out their production of The Judgment of Fools opening on February 18th! Plus Jonathan Mandell from stops by the intro to talk about NYC theatre in February.

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Actress Susan Louise O'Connor stops by the podcast to talk about her amazing career in the theatre. From Off Off Broadway to Broadway Susan has done it all. We chat about what she learned from Angela Lansbury, finding a home in new work, deciding to move to L.A. and creating online content.

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Actress/Filmmaker Liza Fernandez stops by the podcast to talk about growing up Chilean in Australia, wanting to win an Oscar, discovering theatre, getting distracted by the hustle in New York, getting a short film into Tribeca Film Festival and much more! Follow her film company @SubwayTokenFilms

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Playwright/Comedienne Melanie Maras stop by the podcast to talk about why she misses her New York community, growing up in Indonesia, manifesting, starting a stand up career, finding out she was Asian when she moved to America and more!

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Actress/Improvisor Xochitl Romero stops by the podcast to talk about why she never stayed in New York, growing up with a parent who suffers from addiction, always wanting to make the best joke in the room, not being "Latina" enough, and much more!

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In this special podcast I splice together some of my favorite moments from the #theatre pod in 2015.  If you wanna follow along this is the order of people who I remixed from 2015: Sheila Callaghan, Gilbert Cruz, Florencia Lozano, Octavio Solis, Marcus Gardley, Paul Thureen, Jack Doulin,, Migdalia Cruz, John Clinton Eisner, Samuel Hunter, Tlaloc Rivas, Raul Castillo, Halley Feiffer, Gerardo Rodriguez, Mando Alvarado, Stephanie Ybarra, and Kwame Kwei-Armah. #newplay

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Actress Mayra Leal stops by the pod to talk about growing up in Houston, dealing with insecurities, the challenges of learning on film, handling nudity on set, coming to terms with her addiction, and recovery. Follow her on Twitter @Mayrajleal!

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Playwright Madhuri Shekar stops by the podcast to talk about growing up in India, why a playwright would live in Los Angeles, the pros and cons of grad school, the theatre culture in India and much more! Follow her @madplays and visit her website to support her webseries Titus and Dronicus.

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Playwright/Actor J. Julian Christopher stops by the podcast to talk about growing up in church, discovering his latino pride later in life, coming out in high school, why he hates first drafts, writing a webseries about Bear culture, and much more. Follow him on twitter @JulianChristo. Plus Jonathan Mandell stops by the podcast to talk about his 10 ten shows of the year. Follow him @newyorktheater

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Actors David Ryan Smith and Matt Citron come on the podcast to have some drinks and talk about acting in The Mobile Unit at The Public, what they wish they had known when they started out in theatre, the roles they enjoy playing, goals for the future, reading reviews and much more!

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