Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast

Director Deena Selenow stops by the podcast to talk about finding the joy in the piece, why a director needs to find what an actor excels at, not choking the piece to death, growing up biracial, and why she loves being in the room. Check out her website

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Actor Ari Boyland stops by to talk about being a Power Ranger, working as a teenager in Television, being an actor in New Zealand, his work with Ammunition Theatre Company, and moving to L.A. to pursue his dream. Follow him on instagram at @arirayboy. 

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Stage Manager/Podcaster Liz Richards stops by the podcast to talk about what makes someone want to be a stage manager, the role of theatre in activism, theatre podcast land, growing up in Texas, and much more!

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Trevor Boffone stops by the pod to talk about his work on Howlround, the Latino Theater Commons, the 50 playwrights project, being white and being an activist for diversity, why larger companies can benefit from collaboration with smaller ones and much more!

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