Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast

Actress/Writer/Podcast Host Laura Force Scruggs comes on the podcast to talk about how her one woman show Punk Grandpa became a play, growing up in a world where you don't fit in, the theater festival scene and her amazing grandfather. Check out her show Punk Grandpa now playing at The Frigid NYC Festival. Plus friend of the podcast Bixby Elliot stops by the show to talk about what's going on in NYC.

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Actress/Writer Molly Anne Coogan, stops by the podcast to talk about creating her own webseries, her journey as a stage actor in New York, taking a break from your dream when health issues take over, and much more! Support her campaign for Things I Hate here:

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Actress Marguerite Stimpson stops by the podcast to talk about doing Elephant Man on Broadway and in London, saying your goals out loud, her early days in New York, getting replaced in a show, being in a relationship with an actor and much more! Plus the show joins The Folio Group. Check us out

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Actress/Singer Karla Mosley (Bold & The Beautiful) and actor/producer Arjun Gupta (The Magicians) stop by the podcast to talk about starting a theatre company in Los Angeles, the difference between acting on screen and on stage, their days in New York, why they moved to Los Angeles and much more! Go to their website and check out their production of The Judgment of Fools opening on February 18th! Plus Jonathan Mandell from stops by the intro to talk about NYC theatre in February.

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Actress Susan Louise O'Connor stops by the podcast to talk about her amazing career in the theatre. From Off Off Broadway to Broadway Susan has done it all. We chat about what she learned from Angela Lansbury, finding a home in new work, deciding to move to L.A. and creating online content.

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