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Playwright/Actor Charise Castro Smith stops by the podcast to talk about her love of Shakespeare, writing plays when you are busy writing for TV, the process of getting your pilot sold and then made, and much more! Produce her plays Feathers and Teeth and The Hunchback of Seville!

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Actress Dana Ivey stops by the podcast to talk about why she loves the rehearsal process, why shoes matter for an audition, preparing for your "big break", feeling like you belong, and why theatre helps us understand our world. Follow her on Twitter @hekasia 

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Actor/Writer Donaldo Prescod comes on the show to talk about watching old productions of plays that you are about to be in, posting on Facebook about your achievements, growing up in a Military family, the balance of narcism and delusion and more! Get tickets to Topdog/Underdog at

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Playwright/Dramaturg/Producer Zak Berkman stops by the podcast to talk about juggling his many theatre hats, starting a theatre company during a crazy election, how to curate a successful talkback, balancing being a parent with being a theatre person, his role as Producing Director at the People's Light and more! Produce his plays, read him on HowlRound and find him on Facebook!

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Playwright/Actor Stephen Adly Guirgis stops by the podcast to talk about enjoying opening nights, making your own deadlines, growing up in New York City, why auditions remind him how much he loves actors, the early days of Labyrinth Theater Company, and finding the theatre in all the work you do. Watch his latest show The Get Down on Netflix. 

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Artistic Director/Actor Ricardo Gutierrez stops by the podcast to talk about running a Latino theatre in Chicago, balancing directing and acting with running a company, supporting new playwrights by reading all of their work and how a kid from Guanajuato ended up running a theatre company in Chicago. Support his company at

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Playwright/Actor Matt Barbot stops by the podcast to talk about figuring out what makes a "Latino" play, what kind of plays regional theatres want to prodcue, having Kevin Spacey read your writing, moving to L.A. to try and climb a different mountain and much more! Follow Matt on twitter for all updates @barbotrobot

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Director May Adrales stops by the podcast to talk about choosing a script, growing up in an immigrant family in Virginia, getting the right people in the audience, finding theatre in church, and wanting to make theatre a part of your life and not all of it, and more! Visit her website at

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Playwright/Actor/Rapper Christopher Gabriel Nuñez stops by the podcast to talk about why he decided to go to Yale for Playwriting, why he changed his hustle in order to be happy, why his plays are strongly worded arguments, writing for people who fall through the cracks. Follow him at

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Julia Cho and Nicholas Pilapil from Artists at Play stop by the podcast to talk about producing Asian American theatre in Los Angeles. Plus we chat about how to keep audiences engaged year round, why being a theatre person in L.A. matters, and their production of Carla Ching's latest play The Two Kids Who Blow Shit Up.

Buy your tickets here:

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