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Actress/Playwright Florencia Lozano stops by the pod to talk about ballet, having your play read for the first time, the early days of LAByrnth Theatre Company, the challenges of working on a soap opera and more! Go see her in the play Placebo at Playwrights Horizons

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Members of Rising Phoenix Rep stop by the podcast to talk about their play Theives by Charlotte Miller, now playing in Los Angeles! They talk about what happens in the week leading up to previews, rethinking your choices, sacrificing your ego for the greater good and what happens when you have to write a whole new play ten days before your first rehearsal. Buy tickets to see the play at and follow them on twitter and facebook! Plus Jonathan Mandell stops by to recommend all the great shows to see end of March in NYC. Follow him @newyorktheater

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Playwright Carla Ching stops by the pod to talk about being told she writes "like a man", why the playwright is not always "king", how notes can make your play unrecognizable and more. Produce her plays people! 

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Actor Gilbert Cruz has been in the business for over 40 years. We talk about his days studying with Stella Adler, why he likes auditioning now, why he chose career over family, the things he stilll hopes to acheive in his career and his new show at the Roundabout Theatre, Little Chldren Dream of God. Buy tickets at

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Yale Grads Anna Gabriella Jones & Jamel Shawn Daval have lived in New York, London and L.A. They come onto the pod to talk about New York Theatre vs London Theatre, how a married couple manages to work together for over 8 years, and about the pros and cons of being a free spirited director. Check out their amazing work at!

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