Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast

Actor Will Rogers stops by the podcast to talk about audition routines, getting to work with Steven Speilberg, why he misses doing theatre, and that time he auditioned for Martin Scorsese. Follow Will on Twitter @wllmrogers

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Playwright Bekah Brunstetter stops by the podcast to talk about worrying about being self centered, The Secret (the book and her film adaptation), and why she doesn't want to lose her faith. Watch the TV show she writes for Switched at Birth and check out her awesome and hilarious blog

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Roland Ruiz (Boyhood, Machete) and Brandon Ruiter (Crisis, Into The Storm) stop by the podcast to have a few drinks and talk all things acting. They talk moving from towns you are having success in, whether or not they have regrets, and why they keep at it. Follow Brandon on Twitter @RuitErRong and like Roland's page on facebook Roland Ruiz. 

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Playwright Jon Caren stops by the pod to talk about theatre in L.A., why having children is scary, and how a playwright prepares to pitch a TV pilot. Follow Jon Caren on twitter @jonthecaren. Plus Jonathan Mandell from stops by at the top to preview theatre in Febuary.  follow jonathan @newyorktheater

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