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Actress and Writer Stefanie O'Connell Stops by the podcast to save us all. We talk about whether or not theatre people are bad with money, what a "make or break" number is, and why it's not impossible to save even with a theatre degree. Plus Stefanie helps Bernardo make a budget. Visit her website

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Armando Riesco stops by the pod to talk about staring in the Pulitzer Prize winning play Water By The Spoonful. We also talk having kids, why "not giving a fuck" is so dangerous, how being diagnosed with Dermatomyositis taught him to care again, and finding your average show as an actor. Visit his website and watch the videos he makes with Rumando Pando here:

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The 2014 New York Innovative Theatre Award Winners for "Best Ensemble" Broken Box Mime Theater stop by pod! Their memebers Becky Baumwoll & Joel Perez talk about doing mime in the modern age, auditioning for America's Got Talent, and how to build a true ensemble. Plus we talk about why we keep doing the things we love even when our careers start to take off. Please follow this fun theatre company at And see their show Topography now playing at The Wild Project!

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Desmin Borges stops by the pod to talk about how a kid from Chicago ended up on the hit show You're The Worst on FX. We talk about his day job at Mountasia in Houston Texas, growing up in a home with all of your family, staring in The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety and auditioning with Dane Cook. Follow him on twitter @desminborges. And catch Season 1 of You're The Worst on Hulu!

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