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Its Episode 50! And Bernardo welcomes Theatre Majors Kailey Hyman and Emily Reas from Texas State University to try and remember what it was like to be in theatre school. They talk picking a school, what they hope comes of their careers and much much more!

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Actor/Writer/Director Eugene Lee stops by the pod to talk about growing up in a segregated America, finding the little n-word inside you, creating the amazing Black and Latino Playwrights Conference and no longer chasing "it". Check out the festival at: and check out his website at:

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Playwrights Carmen Rivera and Candido Tirado stop by the pod to talk burning bridges, their musical about Celia Cruz, how they make a theatre relationship work and much much more! Buy tickets to Carmen's new play, directed by Candido at

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Emma Ramos and Irene Sofia Lucio stop by to talk about their BUTS! No really, their new sketch show called BUTS! We also talk Sofia Vergara, creating your own material, and why once you take your career into your own hands there is no going back. Help them fund the rest of their hilarious season by donating at

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Casting Director Judy Bowman stops by the podcast to talk all things casting. Listen to what the other side of the table goes through, how she choses who she brings in, why she doesn't have a "favorite" group of actors and more!

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