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Playwright/Actor Sarah Shaefer stops by the pod to talk about Robin Williams, that time she got baptized in Switzerland, writing vs acting, porn and much more. Please support her new play at

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Kathryn Kates is known to most for her work on Orange is the New Black and Seinfeld but she's also one of the best theatre actors in New York. We talk about her life in L.A. moving to New York when her life took an unexpected turn and much more!

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McCaleb Burnett has been an actor since he was 3 years old. His career has taken him from theatre, to TV, film and all over. He stops by the pod to talk about all of the ups and downs of this career and what he hopes for next. Check him out in the films How We Got Away With It on Itunes and in the film Beatbox in theatres soon!

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Erin Mallon and Bixby Elliot of the Brooklyn Generator stop by for a "drunk" podcast. They talk about friendships in the theatre, the times they have been most fullfilled and basically make fun of each other. Check out the Brooklyn Generator on facebook and twitter. And come see their next reading on September 7th by BIXBY ELLIOT. 

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