Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast

Improvisor Timmy Wood stops by the pod to compare and contrast his life to a theatre person's. They talk Improv vs Acting, UCB vs Off Broadway, and growing up in a very religious home. See Timmy in his show at UCB called Hype Squad and follow him on Twitter @TimmyWood. For tickets to his show:

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Actor/Director Feliz Solis stops by the podcast to talk about the early days of LAByrinth Theater Company, why using little effort is a good thing, staying true to yourself and what it means to be "hard" to work with. 

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Playwrights Gina Scanlon and Karen Rousso stop by the pod to talk about their new project 365 Women A Year. They talk awesome women in history, whether or not you can tell if a play is written by a woman, and gender bias. Plus they talk about who should be allowed to play what roles. Follow their awesome project at @365WomenAYear and get involved at

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Theatre Critic Jonathan Mandell stops by the pod to talk all things criticism. He and Bernardo discuss play summaries in reviews, why agism is accepted in the theatre, and what exactly does "diversity" mean. Plus they talk about that time Jonathan gave Bernardo a review. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @NewYorkTheater. 

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Actor Jose Joaquin Perez stops by the pod for the second time! He and Bernardo talk about bad auditioning habits, learning to be okay with who you are, dealing with jealousy, and why what we do matters, maybe. Plus we hear the dancing JJ story!

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Host Bernardo Cubria and Philip Hays were inseparable in theatre school. But after graduating they both have taken very different paths. Philip stops by to talk about where he thought he would be today 8 years ago, his struggles with not feeling like he fits in, the amazing work he does in Houston Texas and whether or not he wishes he had moved to New York as well. 

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Playwright Ken Urban stops by the pod to talk about audience behavior, having Joan Rivers review your show, critics giving away plot points, the differences between theatre in the U.K. and NYC and much more!

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Playwright/Actor/Jounalist Eliza Bent stops by the podcast to talk about why she doesn't pursue her dream of being a standup, her time in Italy, the pros and cons of crowdsourcing, her play The Hotel Colors which ran at The Bushwick Starr, and much more!

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Jose Rivera stops by the podcast to talk about his amazing career. We talk about being called "promising", what the hell "Magical Realism" is, how much time he spends writing film as opposed to theatre, legacy and much more! 

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Actress and Writer Stefanie O'Connell Stops by the podcast to save us all. We talk about whether or not theatre people are bad with money, what a "make or break" number is, and why it's not impossible to save even with a theatre degree. Plus Stefanie helps Bernardo make a budget. Visit her website

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