Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast

Christine Toy Johnson stops by to talk about her amazing career On and Off Broadway. Her and Bernardo compare and contrast the stereotypes that Asian-American actors face vs the Latino stereotypes. They talk about why she decided to start writing midway through a succesful acting caeer and much more. See both of them in Philip Goes Forth at The Mint. PGF for discounted tix

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Christopher Oscar Peña stops by the pod to talk about how he is at every single opening in New York, how a priest helped his father comes to terms with his homsexuality, and why theatre is the least idealistic buisness around. Plus they talk about his amazing show A Cautionary Tale at The Flea. For tickets visit

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Mark Pleasant stops by the pod to talk about his days making theatre on subway platforms, raising money for dance companys and now running The Working Theater.  They also discuss raising money, picking projects, and why Mark thinks owning your own space may not be the most important goal for a theatre. visit their website

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Director Sean Daniels stops by the pod to talk about starting theatre companies, developing audiences, why theatre needs to stop trying to be like film and much much more. Follow him on Twitter @seandaniels!

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Luis Santiero stops by to talk about his amazing career in this buisness. He talks about gowing up in Cuba and being forced to moved when Castro took power, having his life threatened when he was a parole officer, creating and writing the first Bi-lingual show ever on TV, Que Pasa U.S.A., writing for Seasame Street for the more than 20 years, and of course his amazing life in the theatre.

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Matthew Paul Olmos stops by to talk about the opening of his first professional NYC play So Go The Ghosts of Mexico. But first they talk about memorizing lines from films, getting paid by kids in high school to write poems for them, the importance of opening up your social web and much more. And of course they talk about Marisol Valles Garcia, whose real life story inspired his play. For tickets

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Sam Soule sits down to talk about growing up in Massachusetts, auditioning for Juliard with a monologue from a play she hadn't read, telling people you've done things when you havent, and why performing in Harlem has been a life changing experience. Check out her theatre company

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Amanda Feldman was on her way to being an American Diplomat when she discovered that her passion was actually theatre. She talks about producing theatre in New York, how being pregnant changes your artistic life, and how she discovered World Theatre Day. Check out her website

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Adam Szymkowicz is a playwright known for interviewing playwrights. Bernardo brings him on to ask him the questions he asks everyone else. They talk all things playwrighting from how often to be in the room, to having people decide to change things without permission. Plus they talk about Adam's days writing for Tyler Perry. Check out his website

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Pulitzer Finalist Kristoffer Diaz stops by to talk about all things theatre. From criticizing criticism, to pounding your head against the wall for 7 years, and the idea of being an "overnight" success. Plus they talk how having a kid changes things, Jay Z, the business of theatre and much more!

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