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Artistic Director Lou Moreno sits down with Bernardo and explains why he likes to swin with sharks, why defining what it means to be Latino can be tricky,  and what it's like to run the home of Latin Theatre. Please check out the One Minute Play Festival at INTAR and visit ther website

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Danielle Slavick discusses what it was like to grow up in the town of Timberlake, Ohio and why her first career choice had more to do with death than acting. Than Danielle and Bernardo talk about why looking at this career as a "game" might be a bad idea and they talk about why starting acting at 25 might be a good thing.

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Director/Actor Tamilla Woodard stops by the pod to compare and contrast chilhood's in Houston with Bernardo. They then talk about how people can be more than one thing in the theatre and why site specific plays may be the wave of the future. Find out much more about Tamilla at

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