Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast

Host Bernardo Cubria talks to his friend and amazing actor Juan Villa and finds out he knows nothing about him. From growing up in the lower east side and finding how why some stereotypes are true Juan shares his life story. Plus we find out why writing a one man show that reveals family secrets can cause people you love to finally face some uncomfortable truths.

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to actor Ruddy Cravens about not warming up before plays, deciding to not be an actor in New York, and how someone builds a life in the arts. Plus his daughter stops by and Bernardo's girlfriend walks through the backround of this super Skype interview! See Ruddy this summer in the Prague Shakespeare Festival.

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to playwright Fernanda Coppel and finds out how a girl from Sinaloa who grew up playing basketball and falling off of yachts ended up writing plays. From her slam-poetry days in college, to her decision to come out to her family, Fernanda shares her amazing journey. Check out her play Chimicangas and Zoloft at The Atlantic Theatre Company.

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