Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast

Host Bernardo Cubria talks to his buddy from theatre school Guru Singh and finds out how a 6'5 Sikh from Houston, Texas went from studying biology to acting in the sitcom Outsourced on NBC. Plus they regale you with stories from their Houston Hipster days and why Guru fears there will never be an all Indian sitcom ever again. 


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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to Carlo Alban about how an undocumented immigrant ended up on Sesame Street at the age of 12. Plus the guys discuss how sending an autographed picture of your face can help you get an American passport and how having your father color in a picture for you will help you star in a parade. From his one man show Intringulis to his stint on Prison Break, Carlo shares his very unique life story.

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to star of stage and screen Jennifer Ferrin. They cover how to cry succesfully on a soap, how to not let nerves win out in an audition, and how a young girl from Georgia who invited Debbie Gibson to a birthday party ended up paying the bills by playing pretend. For questions or comments email

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to the best actor he went to theatre school with; Earl Latchley. They talk about their glory days in Houston, how Earl ended up on the Universal Lot in L.A. and why he finally made the choice to move back to Texas. If you've ever questioned the path you're on or whether or not mouthwash commercials mean you've made it, this one's for you!

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