Off and On: A New York Theatre podcast

Karina is leaving New York after a 12 year affair. Her and Bernardo discuss crappy apartments, starting smoking because of acting, auditions and their effect on your confidence and more. Plus they discuss whether leaving New York means you are quitting or just changing paths.

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Pun Bandhu is the Nate Silver of racism in theatre, whatever that means. He's also a two-time Tony award winning Broadway Producer and a damn fine actor himself. Find out how a kid who grew up in Jakarta ended up going to Yale, producing Spring Awakening, Glengarry Glen Ross, acting in Wit and finding out that he and Tilda Swinton shared the same acting schedule. For more info visit

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David Anzuelo is considered to be an eccentric guy...or is it eclectic? This actor, writer, producer, and fight director has been around since the beginning of LAByrnth theatre company. Find how how a dude from El Paso Texas ended up working with people like John Ortiz, Phlip Seymour Hoffman, and Peter Sellars. Plus find how what made him relax and just trust that life is taking him on the right path.

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JJ and Jorge are two actual working actors and they like drinking and talking shop. They join host Bernardo Cubria to talk about getting fired from gigs, setting specific goals, walking out of auditions and much more.

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Artistic Director Lou Moreno sits down with Bernardo and explains why he likes to swin with sharks, why defining what it means to be Latino can be tricky,  and what it's like to run the home of Latin Theatre. Please check out the One Minute Play Festival at INTAR and visit ther website

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Danielle Slavick discusses what it was like to grow up in the town of Timberlake, Ohio and why her first career choice had more to do with death than acting. Than Danielle and Bernardo talk about why looking at this career as a "game" might be a bad idea and they talk about why starting acting at 25 might be a good thing.

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Director/Actor Tamilla Woodard stops by the pod to compare and contrast chilhood's in Houston with Bernardo. They then talk about how people can be more than one thing in the theatre and why site specific plays may be the wave of the future. Find out much more about Tamilla at

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What happens when theatre people drink? Well, they solve all of the theatre world's problems! Listen to Host Bernardo Cubria and his friends actor Gerardo Rodriguez and playwright Ed Cardona Jr. as they discuss why we live in New York, dating people within the buisness, reviews, True Blood and much more!

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Playwright Bixby Elliot got Bernardo back in the podcasting game after a three month hiatus.  He tells us how growing up in Treasure Island, Florida can lead to writing a play of the same name. We also hear why the film Steel Magnolias can inspire someone to come out to their families, and how your partner forcing you to take a writing class can lead you into a new career.

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Host Bernardo Cubria talks to his friend and amazing actor Juan Villa and finds out he knows nothing about him. From growing up in the lower east side and finding how why some stereotypes are true Juan shares his life story. Plus we find out why writing a one man show that reveals family secrets can cause people you love to finally face some uncomfortable truths.

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